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2018 Fall Trends

2018 Fall Trends

Fall is just around the corner and sadly summer is coming to an end. It's time to put away those summer clothes and get into some trendy fall clothing that will make every place you go a fashion show. You must try these fall fashions and stay in the loop for fashion. These are the top trends in fashion for fall as of right now. Let’s take a look. 

  • Oversized 

Oversized is the way to go. Layers and oversized coats and clothing is a huge trend that is happening this fall. So, if something is too big, don’t worry you’ll be fashionable. 

  • All- American

This trend is a mix of patchwork, quilting, and crocheting. This gives a folklore look and is highly fashionable right now. These dresses are beautiful patterns and the clothing that is designed this way is unique to say the least. 

  • Animal Prints 

Calvin Klien to Givenchy approve animal prints for fall. Many of their runways are featuring many animal print clothing on their fall line. Bold tiger stripes and white leopard print is more in trend than other animal prints this year. 

  • Printed Clutches

Clutches are a great accessory to any outfit. They are small and can carry everything that is necessary especially if you are going out on the town. 

  • Red Hot

Red is not good alone this fall but make it a monochromatic red and you are all set. A red and white is trending extremely well this fall. Red and white stripes is extremely in this fall. 

There are many trends that are happening this fall that are different than anything ever seen before. However, you can rock these trends and make a statement. When you walk around in the grocery store make it your runway because you are fashionable. 

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