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The Easiest Way to Clear Bathroom Clutter 

The Easiest Way to Clear Bathroom Clutter 

 Photo by Chastity Cortijo

Photo by Chastity Cortijo

  • Bye Bye

    You are going to want to go through all your bathroom cabinets and get rid of all the half-used bottles or combine them. It is easy to say oh I'll use this later but then later turns up ten half used bottles. Also, throw away any makeup that you don't use anymore. It is important that you only keep what you are using at this point in time. 

    • Move the Medication

    Many people assume medication belongs in the bathroom. That is actually untrue because the bathroom does get humid when people shower or bathe. This can cause the medication to go bad faster. Pick out the medications that you use on a daily/weekly basis and keep those on hand and simply throw the rest in storage bin. 

    • Clear the Surface

    You do not need your lotions and other stuff in plain view on the countertop. Clear the surface and only have your hand soap in view and able to be used. 

    • Sparingly Use Decorations

    Using decorations can cause clutter. You can use some small decorations sparingly but do not use big gaudy decorations that will cause extreme clutter in your bathroom. 

    • Be Creative about Storage

    Not everything has to be in sight. In fact, there are a few things that shouldn't be kept in plain view such as feminine hygiene products. These are important things that you should keep stored in a bathroom. It is important that you are creative about where you store things. Storing things in the bathroom doesn’t have to be hard. 

    Bathrooms are a place where you want to be clean. It is important that you do not make it cluttered though. It is important that you follow these few tips to make the bathroom a space where you don't have to feel cramped. Feeling cramped while using the restroom is the worst so follow these tips to ensure you have a pleasant bathroom experience.

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