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Top Restaurants in Nantucket

Top Restaurants in Nantucket

If you are visiting Nantucket you will defiantly want to check out some of the local's favorite spots. However, it depends on what you are in the mood for as to where you go. If you want sweets you wouldn't go to the best doughnut shop around so let's take a look at what the best options are based on what you are hungry for. 



Certain parts of Nantucket can feel upscale. If you are not looking to spend a fortune but get good food for breakfast then look no further than Downyflake. This restaurant is a mid-island no-frills diner. It serves omelets and has said to have some of the best donuts around. Their donuts are always oven worm and are delicious. If you are looking for some more delicious donuts to try, stop in at Nantucket Bake Shop. This shop serves puffy glazed donuts and Boston Crème. If you are a cinnamon bun type of person take a stop at the Wicked Bakery. It is said that this is the best morning bun around. 

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If you are going to the beach you may think sandwiches, well this is natural because they are something easy to make or pick up on the way to the beach. Something Natural is a local sandwich shop and it has a huge property filled with picnic tables. Something Natural is known for its home-baked breads. If you find yourself unsure of which bread to try, the Portuguese bread is a local favorite. To top of this sandwich they are huge, half will most likely fill a person up if not less. You can even get a lobster salad sandwich! If you do go to Something Natural you must try their chocolate chip cookie, it is one of the best cookies around. 

Not going to the beach, no problem! In town there is a sandwich shop called Provisions. It is a Thanksgiving-inspired shop. Its main standout sandwiches are turkey terrific and curried chicken salad. Both of these feature raisins and cashews in the mix. If you aren't in the mood for Thanksgiving inspired sandwiches, right next door is the Straight Wharf Fish Shop. They sell the best seafood sandwiches in town according to locals. From lobster rolls to swordfish sandwiches, you are sure to find the best one for you.  Plus, you can take these delicious eats right to a picnic table with a beautiful view. 


Casual Eats

There are plenty of restaurants in Nantucket that don't cost $30 for an entrée. You can have an affordable, great tasting meal. Corner Table, located in the Nantucket Culinary Center, is a very casual grab-and-go type of place. You can get pastries, breakfast, and salads. You can even eat on the street front patio after ordering. Corner Table is an island staple according to locals. 

If you are looking for a place for lunch or dinner take a trip to Bartlett's Farm. This restaurant is part gourmet grocery, part farm stand, and a destination on its own. To get here you will have to experience the beautiful expansive fields that surround it. They have many meals that will not only satisfy your belly but will also keep some extra money in your pocket book. 

When visiting Nantucket there are plenty of well-known places that will catch your eye to eat at. There are many sandwich shops, pastry shops, and local diners that will have you feeling satisfied. 

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