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How to Make a Functioning Vision Board for Your Home


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 Discern Your Intentions

This is where you will ask yourself what you want, what you need, and what you value. You will want to write all this down as it will come in handy later on. When you are writing this down think of a single emotion for these answers. 

Gather Your Supplies

Gather what you will need to make a vision board. You will need some sort of paper, large canvas, or poster board. Many people find it easiest to use a blank art book. You will also need glue and pins as well as markers, pens, and paints. You will need colorful paper as well as plain paper and magazines or books that can be cut up. Lastly, you will need scissors. 

Create a Workspace

When it comes time to put everything down to look at you need a big enough space. You also will want a space that you can be by yourself and focus. You need to feel comfortable. A large table or the floor is usually the best place to make your vision board. To help you get in a calm relaxed state you may want to turn on some music or even light some candles. As long as you feel comfortable, this is your time and your space. You do what you want to do. 

Find You

Now is when you need to sit down with your magazines and find words and/or images that define you. This is where you can cut and tear out any image or words that would define you and appeal to you. 

Organize and Paste

When you have found all the images and sayings that you want for your board, organize them in a fashion that suits you. Once you have done this you can now glue them down onto the board. Make sure you are only posting positive sayings and pictures because you do not want to look at the board and feel crappy. 

Hang Your Board in Sight

When you are done organizing, gluing, and making your board it is now time to hang it where you can see it every day and be inspired. It is important that you check in on your board daily or even weekly to see what you have accomplished. You can always add to your board and when you accomplish something write it down next to your board. This is a list called a MAKE IT REAL list. This should be posted next to your vision board and when you accomplish something write it down. This will keep you motivated and happy. 


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