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5 Home Decor Books

5 Home Decor Books


Home Chic

This book is full of ideas for every room in the house. From learning how to express your personality through your décor style to learning how to remodel with low ceilings, people are loving this interior designer from India. 

The Kinfolk Home

This book shows the style of 35 different homes throughout the world. You learn different home décor approaches and different cultures with this home décor book. It is surely a book you will appreciate when redoing a room or home. 

Allegra Hicks

If you love patterns and textures but are not sure how to incorporate them into your home décor style then this is the book for you. This book is filled with different ways to use patterns and textures in your home. Not only does it include textures and patterns but also how to incorporate nature into the décor style of your home. 


This book shows how to use color in your home décor. It has every color imaginable and how to use it. It especially shows how to use darker colors and use the lighter colors to make the room really pop with life. 


This book shows how to organize your home and add antiques to make the home have a very nice vibe. You will find everything you need from how to properly arrange bookshelves to how to collect the right antiques for your home.

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