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How to Frame Your Own Photos

How to Frame Your Own Photos



When it comes to framing your photos and printing them it can be a hassle. First, you need to find a reliable website that prints reliable and nice photos which can be a hassle. Many websites claim to offer the best websites to print photos but when you get the photos they are not what you expect and how can you frame a photo that doesn't look good? You can't so let's take a look on how to find the best website to print photos and how to properly frame them. 

  • Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab is a great online printing service that has great quality photos for a great price. Their website is easy to navigate and there is no doubt that your photos will be the highest quality possible. 

  • AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix has great quality photo prints as well as a great price. Their photos are high quality and nothing less will be accepted. 

  • CanvasPop

CanvasPop is a great place if you are looking to print large scale canvases for a great price. The quality of these canvas prints is great and look amazing. Not only are these canvas prints beautiful but they offer lower price than competitors. 

    Once you have your photos or canvases printed you have to know how to properly frame them to ensure they look as good as possible. It is important that you follow these few steps to ensure a great photo. To do this you will need a picture frame and a mat board, a metal straight edge, utility knife, tape, a pencil, measuring tape, and your photo to mat and frame. 

  • Measure your Artwork/Cut the Mat

You will want to measure the size of the opening you want your photo to have. A local craft store can cut the mat board for you or you can do this yourself with a metal straight edge and a utility knife. 

  • Tape the Back

You will then want to lay the page/photo face down on a clean work area. Then, apply a long piece of tape on top of the page. Ensure that only half of the width of the tape is overlapping the photo. 

  • Attach the Mat

You will now want to turn the photo picture-side up. Then, hold the pre-cut mat over the photo and decide where you want the photo placed in the opening. It is important that you do not let the exposed tape touch the mat until you know where you are placing the image. 

  • Secure the Mat and Picture

Now, you will turn the mat and the picture that is attached face down. Next, press firmly on the back of the tap to make sure that it is well adhered to the mat. Try to avoid touching the front of the mat so you can ensure no dirt or smudging occurs. 

  • Frame the Artwork

Once you have the mat in place and the photo is inside the mat, you can now place the photo in a frame. Your artwork or photo will look more professional when a mat is applied to it and will make the photo stand out as to just putting a photo in a frame. 

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