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Top 5 Road Trips in New England 

Top 5 Road Trips in New England 



Taking routes 17 and 4 you will go from Mexico to Madrid, Maine style. This route will take you through the scenic wildlife part of New England. This 50-mile drive is located in northern New England and will be a sure hit for nature lovers. 

MOUNT DESERT ISLAND LOOP, Acadia National Park, Maine

With this road trip the charming Bar Harbor will be your base. This 27-mile round trip will have you taking a relaxed circumnavigation of Acadia National Park. The road you will be taking is the Mount Desert Island Loop Road. This island is spectacular but rugged. It is also the second largest island in New England. Be sure you pack a picnic because you will have to make time to see the Hulls Cove Visitors Center. 

Coastal Crossing, New Hampshire

During this trip you will take in the amazing scenic overlook of the New Hampshire coastline. You will see everything from Seabrook Beach to Portsmouth in a half day trip. This road trip is pretty short but there are many great places to stop. Being only 18 miles long it has the Hampton Beach, Fort Constitution as well as New Castle. You will be sure to find something you love especially if you are a beach enthusiast. 

Green Mountain Ribbon, Vermont

Route 100 in Vermont is a road-tripper's dream. This road is long and straight the entire way. Not only is it a very simple road it is also a very scenic view the whole way as well with its beautiful flowy Green Mountains. This road runs the entire north-south length of the state; however, a large portion begins in Ludlow and ends in Waterbury. During this 90-mile trip there is a few must stop places which would be the villages of Warren and Waitsfield. 

Mohawk Trail, Massachusetts

This trail was famous at foliage time but is equally famous now for its beauty. This trail holds a lot of history as well and is a great place to travel to. This historic scenic highway will wind along the northern end of Massachusetts via MA2. These roads are located along the beautiful rolling hills of the Berkshire. This trail combines many different places to stop such as museums to monuments so that everybody learns a little and sees some different history. So this summer, hop on the trail and enjoy this 63-mile ride. 

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