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Style Advice: How to Dress Like a French Woman 

Style Advice: How to Dress Like a French Woman 

Dressing as a French woman can be completely different than the styles you are used to. They have a lot of different style choices and fashion ideas compared to many United States cities today. To dress like a French woman, you are going to want to forget everything you know about fashion and start fresh. 


First, you will defiantly want to ditch the active wear for everyday use. You will only want to wear yoga pants and leggings for the gym. French women do not use leggings for pants or yoga pants for everyday use. Another thing you will want to save for the gym is your tennis shoes. These shoes are strictly for exercise and sports. It is said that French women have a sense of respect for themselves by not wearing activewear out in public. 

Instead of tennis shoes wear a simple heel or flats. It is a myth that French women wear heels every day. In reality, French women wear a lot of flats and in fact own more flats than anything. 

Secondly, ditch the trends. French women never ask about what is trending or what is not. French women will look at what is trending and simply add one or two new items to their old wardrobe and make it work. This gives their solid basics a new twist. 

A huge fashion no no is wearing all French clothing and items at once. You do not have to go all out wearing everything typically associated with France in one outfit. In fact, if you do this you will be immediately pointed out as a foreigner. Simply choose one or two “French” items at a time. 

Neutral colors a must. French women are known for their black clothing but white, blue, tan, and grey are all popular colors too. You will never see a French woman wearing bright or tacky colors. Simple is better. If a French woman is wearing bold colors she is most likely going to go for one or two tonal shades rather than two bold clashing colors. 

When doing your hair and makeup keep it simple. French women do not go very bold on doing their hair or makeup. They go for a more natural and simple look rather than a popping smoky eye. 

Now, completely throw away all your comfy cotton underwear. If you are wanting to dress like a French woman you will want to buy lacy sexy underwear. French women wear this type of underwear every single day. In fact, you will most likely not be able to find cotton underwear in France due to the fact that French women do not wear it. 

Baggy clothing is okay! French women are not afraid to wear non-form fitting clothing. In fact, French women wear more baggy clothing than form fitting clothing. French women are fans of loose fitting tops and shirts. 

Transforming yourself into a French dressing woman is not that hard. It is simpler and less hassle than trying to fit in any other country. French women are simple yet sleek and stylish. 

(Photos by Caroline Hernandez)

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