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Dress Trends 2018 

Dress Trends 2018 


Sequence is in high demand right now. Sequence dresses are for the night out or a fancy dinner. Most people will wear these sequenced dresses to a club or a party scene because they are more figure fitting. 


Beautiful pastel colors are used on dresses that are used for casual wear. These would be brunch dresses or family gatherings. These colors could include baby blue, lavender, or even a lemon color. These dresses could also be used in a more elegant dinner or event. 


Checked dresses are in high demand this year. With plaid and checkered patterns becoming more popular there is no doubt that dresses would be getting the treatment as well. Many designers are making dresses that fit the checked pattern. 


Believe it or not, in many places plastic dresses are extremely popular. Especially bright red plastic dresses. This fashion started in Britain and has spread all over the world. However, we do not recommend clear plastic. 


Many shirts and purses feature the fringe trend and what would make dresses any different? Dresses with fringe are in high demand and are extremely popular this summer. These dresses can go anywhere from casual to a night on the town depending on the exact dress. 

Dress trends change constantly and sometimes you may not find it in your personal taste, however, there are many alterations and changes to the original trend that will fit your tastes. Dresses are in high demand this summer with it being so warm and humid in many places. Dresses, whether you are going clubbing, to brunch, or a family dinner are a great item to wear. Not too dressy or too casual. It is the perfect clothing to wear for any event!

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