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Beautiful Bathroom Art Tips

Beautiful Bathroom Art Tips



I know what you're thinking, wallpaper? Isn't that just a little too easy, well in this case it is not the whole wall in wallpaper. When you are looking to spice up your bathroom with some art and not sure what would look good, simply grab a bold frame and insert wallpaper. You will want to grab three different sizes of that bold frame, insert wallpaper, and boom, done. Plus changing this style is cheap and easy.

Papier Mache Letters

Using papier Mache letters can really add a splash of life into your bathroom. In an adult's bathroom, words like bath, water, or clean would be nice, whereas, a child's bathroom words like splash would be a cute option.

Shell Art

Do you have shells from the beach that are not in use? Then this bathroom art is for you. You will want to glue one of your biggest shells, sand dollars, or starfish in the center and make a beautiful design with the smaller shells that you have left. This could be the focal point of your bathroom. 

Painted Canvases

You do not have to be an artist to make this piece work. All you need to do is paint a canvas a solid color and using white, write a saying or a word. If you are feeling a little more confident you can trace a mermaid, whale, or any sea creature and paint it in white. Doing this will create a silhouette and will be a great focal point for your bathroom. 

Framed Photographs

We all understand that not everybody has time to create their own artwork so you can do this little trick to help make your bathroom more modern and stylish. Instead of hanging one large picture in color, print this picture in black and white and cut it into several different picture frames. This will almost appear as a puzzle with multiple frames but will bring style and class to your bathroom. 


Mirrors are always a great idea for a bathroom, especially smaller ones. Mirrors make the area look bigger and have a function in a bathroom. However, instead of your regular square or rectangle mirrors find something with a bold frame or a different shape to bring more life into the space.

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