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How to Refresh Your Home for the Summer 

How to Refresh Your Home for the Summer 


Octopus Dish

One of the best ways to refresh your home for the summer is to bring it to life with marine animals. This particular dish brings class and sass with its beauty. The gold octopus is a great addition to a small dish that can be placed anywhere for a little touch of elegance. 


A popular summer decoration is cacti. This accessory will help bring life into your home for the summer. When purchasing cacti or putting them in your home make sure to accessorize the cactus with a beautiful planter and personalized stand.  These items together will bring a sense of elegance to your home and refresh it for the summer. 

Pineapple Vases

One of the easiest ways to make your house have a summer feel is to purchase pineapple vases. These vases can be white, black, or colorful. Bringing these vases instead of ordinary ones into your home will definitely make it feel like summer. Pineapple vases also bring a sense of elegance and beauty to the house as well. 

Blue Bathroom

To ensure you have the comfiest home with the best summer vibe, turn your bathroom into a ship ride itself. Paint the walls blue and accent the room with beach accessories. These accessories could include fish netting, small ships in a bottle, anchors, and even a few sea shells and starfish. A blue bathroom accented with these beautiful accessories will ensure you have a summer ready home. 

Blue Accents

To get the feel of summer in your home, add blue accents to everyday things. Paint a dresser blue or add blue curtains to a room. Even put blue décor pillows on your day bed, couch, and guest bed. This is one sure way to add style and summer in your home. 

Seaside Wallpaper 

When upgrading or remodeling the inside of your home for summer a great way to make it look like summer lives here year-round is to add some seaside wallpaper. This would include images of the ocean or a lake with boats or a wallpaper featuring the beach with the ocean in the background. Wallpaper like this would look good in bedrooms and bathrooms, however, stay away from the living room with this type of wallpaper. In the living room, stick with a sky blue or ocean blue solid color paint. 


Every room needs a splash of life. The best way to make sure a room really pops is to add paintings. If you are looking for a summer vibe in your home add some seashore paintings. Add paintings of the ocean and aquatic wildlife. These paintings will accent the wallpaper and blue paint perfectly. This is one sure way to ensure your home is stylish for the summer. 

Signal Flags

Adding signal flags to a bedroom or as an accent in any room would be a great way to add some class. Signal flags, especially the original yellowed ones are a great way to style up any room. These flags date back to 1855 in Great Britain. Not only will these flags add style but also history. 

Picnic Basket Storage

Picnic baskets come in a variety of sizes which makes them the perfect storage area. Instead of using baskets or boxes for storage under a bed or for various other things, use a picnic basket to add that summer beach feel to your home. Using a picnic basket for storage gives the home a vintage feels as well especially when you use wicker baskets. 

Sea Inspired Sets 

When designing a room using seaside bed sets is a very good way to spruce up any room with a summer feel. Using dining sets with sea life or the ocean on them will add a sense of class and style to the kitchen. Along with the kitchen and bedroom, you can also use towels in the bathroom with sea life or seaside colors to make the home really pop with that seaside summer feeling. 

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