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Top 5 Beach Reads this Summer 

Top 5 Beach Reads this Summer 


Tangerine by Christine Mangan

In this book a female friendship takes a turn for the worst. A newlywed named Alice is vacationing in Tangier with her husband when suddenly an old friend from school, Lucy, turns up. The problem with Lucy is that she is using Alice's name. This is a great book for those who are looking to find a little bit of mystery and suspense during their beach visit. 


A Long Way From Home by Peter Carey

This novel is full of adventure. Titch and Irene (husband and wife) along with their friend and navigator Willie are the main characters in this book. The trio endures a 10,000-mile race in post-World War II Australia. During this race they come across xenophobia and racism and encounter the truth behind how Australia treats its indigenous people. 


Indecent by Corinne Sullivan

When an introverted woman fresh out of college starts teaching at an upscale all-boys boarding school she finds herself falling for a popular student named Adam. She finds herself in an affair that could have real-life consequences. This novel explains and explores issues of morality, sexuality, class warfare, and gender without succumbing to facile answers. 


Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

In this book there is a kingdom where magic has been eradicated by genocide. Zelie who has powers must fight alongside her brother and a rebellious princess to save their people. The twist is that the princess is fighting against her own brother to save her people. 


People Like Us by Dana Mele

People Like Us is a book that combines the popular Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. In this novel a popular, openly bisexual senior is the main character who happens to stumble upon the body of a fellow student. This senior then tries to solve the murder and fight back against the mysterious person that is blackmailing her with secrets from the past. While all this is going on she is trying to maintain her sanity as the whole school is beginning to turn against her. 

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