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Top 5 Books to Read Fall 2018 

Top 5 Books to Read Fall 2018 

 Photo by  Ksenia Makagonova  

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova 

Fall is a great time to curl up in a blanket and grab a good book. Watching the leaves fall and change color. Having the world change around you. It is a great time to read some books and relax with some hot apple cider next to you. Let us take a look at the top picks for this fall. 

  1. The Secret History 

    1. The Secret History is written by Donna Tartt and is the perfect read for fall. It is a mystery about a murder. It leaves you wanting to read more and not put the book down. 

  2. Fever Dream 

    1. Written by Samantha Schweblin this Halloween novel brings spooky into your fall. This story is told from an isolated hospital that brings a chilly mood around fall. Perfect to get in the Halloween mood. 

  3. Behind the Dreamers 

    1. Behind the Dreamers is written by Imbolo Mbue and has a beautiful color pallet that represents fall. Reds, browns, yellows, and oranges leave you judging a book by the cover in a positive manner. This book tells us about a couple that try and deal with the 2008 financial crisis leaving you in a somber mood. 

  4. Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe

    1. Written by Kapka Kassabova this novel is sure to be perfect for fall. It leaves you feeling like you are traveling while staying in the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect book to curl up with your apple cider and feel like you are traveling the world. 

  5. The House of Spirits 

    1. This Isabel Allende novel will defiantly add some spook to your fall. This woman who is a psychic and can predict the misfortunes that are going to happen to her family. You will not want to put this book down due to its spooky adventures. 

Get ready for fall with these amazing books. Be ready to curl up with your favorite blanket and be prepared to read for hours. Whether you are looking for spooky books or books that make you feel like you are traveling the world, this list has them all for you. 

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