Fall Home Decor

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to do an entire post on decorating for fall, so here it is.

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First things first, why I like to change the decor for each season: I believe that the state of our space is the state of our mind. When I move things around, reorganize, redecorate, the energy in the room shifts too. It gets clearer. Fall is a time to get cozy and enjoy our surroundings. I want my home to reflect that, to be a cozy place to sit and read, to cook and entertain, to enjoy.

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Why seasonal decor can be tricky to choose? There is a fine line in my opinion between good seasonal decor and tacky, cheesy decor. I like my home to be rustic with classic elements. But I don’t like bright colors, cheesy phrases, cheap looking objects. It’s all about curation, taste, and quality. The price is not always a direct way to tell quality or taste. I buy most of my things from regular shops like Target, antique stores, Home Goods, etc. But you need a fine comb to get the right things. But of course, The right things for your taste, it doesn’t have to be mine.

With that said, my taste is: rustic, classic, country, vintage, new england mixed with english cottage. So I like neutral colors, texture and natural finishings.

Bruna Mebs Fall 2018 Home Decor -5896.jpg

Every season, I tend to only change the decor, the furniture remains the same. For fall, I bring in warmer tones and take away the cool ones. I'm mostly talking about blankets, pillows, plants, etc.

Bruna Mebs Fall 2018 Home Decor -5893.jpg

I also love to shop for special items every year, it’s all about the curation, it wouldn’t be as fun to get everything at once. So I take my time, I browse every year patiently, waiting for the right items to show up.

What I got this year:

  • new dish towels - the ones from last year got stained

  • casserole dish - I don’t have any around this size.

  • thankful sign - the only work I like to use around this time - super classic in marble and wood

  • fresh pumpkins - i like the white ones for indoors, cleaner, and love the mini real ones, so cute

  • a mug - mugs are the only place I like to see phrases, but I don’t actually have that many with words either. Who doesn’t love a good mug?

My favorite stores to get this kind of decor are: Target, Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Antique shops.

And here are a bunch of videos I have posted on Youtube about decorating for fall.

Thanks for reading.


Life Update

I t’s been a while since I sit to write about how things are going on the blog. Maybe it’s because I like to keep things upbeat over here and life has been tough. We are dealing with all kinds of problems all around and it’s been tricky to keep things normal, including the blog.

Photo by Aaron Mello

Photo by Aaron Mello

I love sharing my thoughts over here and I’m constantly debating if people even read blogs still, but again, I think I would post even if no-one ever read. I just love writing. While dealing with so much right now, I know the importance of keeping up with my habits, or else, I would just fall apart. It’s on those moments that we really test the strength of those good habits isn’t it? When is not easy to do them, when all else seems more important. Well, it’s also probably when we need them most. I have started using the app Done to track those habits and make sure I don’t just lose myself in the crazy mist we are in. I’m far from doing them perfectly but I’m trying, and the fact that I haven’t given up is giving me hope. I’m sorry if I’m being vague about those things but they involve other people so I’m not in the right to share. Work is also taking a backseat to everything and I’m struggling to be ok with it. The self doubt kicked in strong and I’m debating all decisions. I think it’s a phase like everything else and I’m just riding it and looking forward to easier times.

I hope your life is going well and as always thanks for reading this random post.



A perfect fall day

L ast Sunday ago we enjoyed what I want to call “A perfect fall day”. My day started early as usual, after my cup of coffee I sat down and wrote a few things I would like to do that day and immediately asked my husband if he was up for a fun day :)


We left the house around 10:30 am and headed straight to a local farm to pick up a few pumpkins and homemade goods. We were the first people to arrive and it was a bit too calm for our taste but we left with a few small pumpkins and a jar of apricot jam and pumpkin butter, yum!


Right after that we went to Home Goods to pick up a few home decor items for the new season, a tradition of ours. There were lots of cute things, we chose a marble sign that said Thankful, a couple dish towels, a mug that said “pumpkin spice and everything nice” and an adorable dish for a casserole. (Stay tuned for a post all about fall home decor)


The next stop was Lowes to pick up a hanging mum and larger pumpkins, we found really different ones, my favorite was a gray colored one.

By the time we left Lowes we were pretty hungry, since we skipped breakfast due to a late dinner, so we decided to get the new Impossible Burger from Burger King (I told you was a fun day!). So good! Hope they keep it on the regular menu, it’s a nice treat for vegans!

On the way back we realized we should get a stack of straw/hay to decorate the yard, so we went back to the farm we were earlier (it’s pretty close to home) and stumbled upon a type of festival! We couldn’t believe how busy the place was compared to a few hours earlier. There was a band playing, a full parking lot, games, etc… We ended up staying a bit and doing their awesome corn maze. We had a really great time.


At home we got straight to business. My husband was in charge of making chili (vegan, of course!) in the slow cooker and I was responsible for decorating the house. I also decided to make pumpkin bread. It’s easy to say that by the end of all the cooking we were both tired but happy to enjoy dinner with a relaxing and cozy home. And let alone the smell! I wish I could share it with you guys!


We went to bed watching Battlestar Galactica (we just started) and feeling pretty good about our perfect autumn day. If you want to see how our home looked after all the changes, come back in a few days, I’m writing a post all about that.

Thanks for reading.