Working with a friend

I t is the third time I’m trying to write this intro. Normally this is the easiest part of any blog post. Not today. I want to do justice to my feelings. Growing up in Brazil, I had really great best friends, a handful of them. And I’m lucky to say that I remained friends with them. We don’t talk as often as I wished or even see each other that much. I haven’t been to Brazil in a while now. But the internet definitely made it easier to keep up with each other.


Elisa is one of those friends. We were in the same class from middle school to the last year of high school. It was pretty strange going to college, where none of my friends would follow me there. Let alone move to another country. She grew up to be this wonderful entrepreneur and opened her own pilates and dance studio.

Last month, she hired me to illustrate a few ballet costumes for her upcoming Christmas show. The illustrations will serve as a help to get the children’s moms approval, as the costumes have to be custom made. What a perfect match. I’m so happy we got to work together on something we are both so passionate about. My love for costume illustration and her love for dance. Life can be pretty good sometimes.