When life gets hard

L ife recently has become extra challenging. On top of all the normal things we have to do that I was already behind on, we very sadly got a family member who is very sick. It’s on times like this when things get put into perspective and so little seems important. At times like this where some things must continue as normal as possible, like work, other things are easily put off.

Photo by  Lou Levit

Photo by Lou Levit

We are managing the best way we can by focusing only on priorities and being ok with everything to fall to the sides. But I also learned that staying busy is the best thing to pass the difficult time, allowing myself to just sit and think about things doesn't help anyway. So here we are, trying to stay productive, positive and hopeful, but also ok with taking breaks. I want to keep writing here as much as possible because as you know, if you read this blog, nothing makes me feel better than writing. It’s my way to relax, it’s therapeutic and brings me joy. Whatever stage of you life you are in, whichever challenges life throws at you, having a hobby that brings you joy is the best secret weapon you can have.

Letting go control and accepting that there is only so much we can do is not easy. I like lists, plans, schedules… I don’t like to go with the flow. I want to direct the flow. And of course, that is often times not possible. It’s humbling to find myself in situations where there is absolute nothing I can do to change the outcome. But it’s also strengthening because in letting go and being ok with it, you find yourself stronger, more mature and understanding. You learn to bow to nature, to feel at easy with the universe and to remember that in truth we don’t know anything. That we are just one little part of this vast universe and our role in it is only as big as we want to make it. It’s definitely a lesson that will take a lifetime to learn, but not an optional one. There is so much strength in gratitude without reasoning.

Thanks for reading.