Letting Go

A nyone else out there a control freak? What is the right balance between taking charge and surrendering? Yes there are things we can’t control in life but there are lots that we can. I believe we must do our part and the universe/ life will do theirs.

Photo by  seth schwiet

Photo by seth schwiet

But we must still give our absolute best, and so far, this philosophy has helped me get all the things I really wanted/ wished for. No, my life isn’t perfect and there is plenty I still want but I have gotten here with a combination of hard work and yes, I have also been very fortunate.

I don’t see trying to control things or being responsible as unrealistic, I really think life is about personal growth and to grow you must learn, try, fail, try again, but always giving your best (especially if want to speed up the process a bit). But I do also practice meditation to remind me that I’m not in control of everything, that I must always adapt to new situations and adjust at every step. Those things come to me as challenges but all part of the process. Anyway, it’s a weird post today.

Thanks for reading.