To sleep or not to sleep

I love and need my sleep. No question. But I struggle to find the right amount. I naturally believe that waking up with an alarm clock seems unnatural and probably isn’t the healthiest way to start the day. I think we all have our internal clock and our bodies should know when to wake up by themselves. Living without an alarm clock may seem crazy for lots of people, otherwise they would be late for work or appointments. But since I’m a morning person, I got to bed very early, around 9pm and waking up early happens naturally then, leaving plenty of time to get things done in the morning, and of course, I’m lucky to work from home.

Photo by  David Mao

Photo by David Mao

I do think the secret is to go to bed early, waking up early doesn’t seem weird or difficult at all if you get enough sleep. How much is enough sleep? I think that’s also why I don’t agree with alarm clocks, probably on a day I did a lot of exercise I will need a bit more rest than days I stayed home working all day. I like to leave my body to tell me how long I should sleep for, averaging between 7-10 hours. I also see the sun in the summer so early that it naturally wakes me up too. But here is the trick part for me, if I sleep too much, meaning, I’m awake but I told myself is ok to stay in bed longer, I get a headache behind my eye that will last all day. I also think it’s normal to wake up feeling a bit out of it, sleepy, independent of how many hours you slept, but after 30 minutes that goes away. I don’t need caffeine to wake up either, even though I love a cup of coffee and tea, I switched to decaf, it’s all about the ritual for me, not the caffeine. Some phases in our lives we will be able to sleep more or less, I barely slept from 19 to 26 years old because of college and working in the film industry, but it was not an optional phase of my life, now that it is, I’m savoring it. I’m sure once we start to having kids this will get hard again until they sleep well too. There are so many reasons to why sleep is important, I’m sure you can find it easy with a google search. I’m here mostly to advocate to listen to your body as much as possible and try to get on a sleep routine where you don’t need a crazy noise to welcome you to another day.

Thanks for reading.