The Same Dilemma

I had a difficult day yesterday. For the past couple years I have been constantly debating the use of watercolor on my work. Watercolor is a popular choice and I am hired to paint with this medium all the time. But here is the problem, even though I do still like to paint I am trying to move away from it. I want to keep a consistent style and if I have to pick a medium to use it is pen and ink. I love the vintage feel and I prefer the black and white look. I also see as a way to stand out a bit, as everyone seems to be painting in watercolor nowadays.


But as with anything in my life, I have a hard time sticking to it. Yesterday I decided it was time to include watercolor into my portfolio again, I was afraid that leaving it out was a mistake. I spent the entire day adjusting my portfolio page and by the end of the day I had convinced myself not to. I’m not sure if it’s because the work was too old, because I wasn’t proud of it enough or because I went back to my previous points. I’m currently trying to add more color to my ink artwork with photoshop (see photo above), maybe this way I will have enough room to play with just one medium. For now, I’m keeping watercolor out of the website and only available as fine art on my shop or commissioned work.

Thanks for reading.