Promises to myself

H ave you ever made a promise to yourself? Or pleads? And how many times have you follow through with them? Why is it so hard to do the things we told ourselves we wanted to do. Why don’t we hold ourselves accountable? It’s a lot easier to expect other people to. I think it turns out that this too is a habit, allowing ourselves to fail in our own eyes. When we say we are going to do something, even if it’s not out loud, sometimes we write those promises/ goals down, sometimes we keep them in our minds but nonetheless we don’t do it. We fall short, stop halfway, and tell ourselves is ok to stop. But is it?


Do this many times over, and we create a pattern of not doing what we say we will. Does that take away the value of our word? How can we even trust ourselves if we don’t have to stick to our own plans? I’m trying to stay more conscious of the things I tell myself. If I say I won’t eat a snack after dinner, then I can’t. I don’t want to allow myself to always “change my mind”, which is a different way to say, I’m weak and I can’t keep promises. I want to keep them, I want my words to mean something. That does require more thinking and better choices, but that’s fair. Next time we say we are going to do something, even if nobody knows about it, let’s stick to it all the way. After all, we will always know.

Thanks for reading.