The Listening Habit

C hoosing to consume content by listening to it instead of reading isn’t new, people used to listen to the radio, I had a teacher play audio books in middle school and of course, we all loved a good bedtime story. But then it stopped being so popular, visual methods took over, screens became everyone’s favorite method. And then we got too busy to just watch our content, we started multitasking since our phones became so mobile (like the mini radios), and we started to listen while driving, cleaning, organizing, walking, running, etc. Music wasn’t enough, with the rise of the self help industry (now sometimes being called self growth), we are all thirsty for information and time, hence the perfect combination, we can listen while doing another activity. I’m a huge fan of audiobooks, I listen to them all the time. And podcasts too. But just like with video, the abundance of content now available can be quite distracting.

Photo by AlphaColor

Photo by AlphaColor

It’s impossible to listen to everything, we must be selective, don’t let it overwhelm you or take over every time you have, leave space for thinking, for breathing, for living with your own thoughts or better, with your own breath. It’s easy to fill every minute we have with other people’s voices, it’s easier than dealing with our own, or even harder, the silence. But it’s so important to do so. The busier we get, the more we need to sit still. On that note, here is my latest interview - You can find all my interviews by typing BRUNA MEBS on any podcast app.

Thanks for reading. (or listening)