Commercial and Personal Work

I It’s hard to believe it’s already the middle of May. I know everyone says and thinks that time goes by so fast. Looking back to what I have accomplished so far this year makes me a little upset. I have to confess I’m not quite as proud of myself. I have let my days be filled with mostly client work and making plans. I’m happy to have had all the customers and clients but I didn’t manage this very well. Every time I had either a break or a little time off, I spent on trying new techniques, overthinking where my work was going, analyzing what kind of work I even want to create, what is worth the time, and very little work actually got finished. It’s been a year of a lot of thinking and not as much doing as I would have hoped. Maybe it’s because I turned 30 and an existential crisis was about to happen, but mostly I find myself with less and less time to create whatever I want. And because I know that time is so precious, it needs to be spent right.

Photo by Cristina Byrne

Photo by Cristina Byrne

There are a lot of different things I could be doing, I have lot of ideas for different projects, but which ones are the essentials? the ones I can’t live without, the ones with the best chance of increasing my income and my happiness at the same time? Pretty tough to figure out. I still haven’t. I feel like I’m getting closer but I’m not there yet. Will I ever get there? I got to balance my plans with actions, or this could end up being a regretful year. I need a constant reminder that every plan needs to be followed by an action, or things will never be done. I told myself it’s ok to plan, journal, research and test all I want past 5pm, but until then, I need to be all about action. While I figure out what I want to be known for, what kind of work I need to spend my time creating, I’m also very thankful I have all the clients that have recently found me and are keeping me busy and productive. Why is balance so hard to achieve? Perhaps because it’s not even possible?

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