I n the beginning of the year I chose the word/ mantra: "Simplify" to guide me through out the year. And it has made a big impact in my life. I’m nowhere close to being able to call myself a simple person but I’m working towards it. In 2019 I have been decluttering the house even more than the usual, I have been stripping my days out of nonessential activities, even my goals have gotten simpler. I plan to keep this going for the rest of the year, but honestly it’s something I wouldn’t mind tattooing in my body to remind myself of it for the rest of my life. The only reason I don’t it’s because I’m not a fan of tattoos, at least not for me. (Nothing against it, just a taste and personality kind of thing.) Anyway. I just wanted to share this video I did for it to symbolize the importance in my life.


If you are looking for great information on the subject I highly recommend the books: Deep Work and Essentialism.

Thanks for reading.