Life Update

I t’s been a while since I sit to write about how things are going on the blog. Maybe it’s because I like to keep things upbeat over here and life has been tough. We are dealing with all kinds of problems all around and it’s been tricky to keep things normal, including the blog.

Photo by Aaron Mello

Photo by Aaron Mello

I love sharing my thoughts over here and I’m constantly debating if people even read blogs still, but again, I think I would post even if no-one ever read. I just love writing. While dealing with so much right now, I know the importance of keeping up with my habits, or else, I would just fall apart. It’s on those moments that we really test the strength of those good habits isn’t it? When is not easy to do them, when all else seems more important. Well, it’s also probably when we need them most. I have started using the app Done to track those habits and make sure I don’t just lose myself in the crazy mist we are in. I’m far from doing them perfectly but I’m trying, and the fact that I haven’t given up is giving me hope. I’m sorry if I’m being vague about those things but they involve other people so I’m not in the right to share. Work is also taking a backseat to everything and I’m struggling to be ok with it. The self doubt kicked in strong and I’m debating all decisions. I think it’s a phase like everything else and I’m just riding it and looking forward to easier times.

I hope your life is going well and as always thanks for reading this random post.