Fall Home Decor

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to do an entire post on decorating for fall, so here it is.

Bruna Mebs Fall 2018 Home Decor -5864.jpg

First things first, why I like to change the decor for each season: I believe that the state of our space is the state of our mind. When I move things around, reorganize, redecorate, the energy in the room shifts too. It gets clearer. Fall is a time to get cozy and enjoy our surroundings. I want my home to reflect that, to be a cozy place to sit and read, to cook and entertain, to enjoy.

Bruna Mebs Fall 2018 Home Decor -5867.jpg

Why seasonal decor can be tricky to choose? There is a fine line in my opinion between good seasonal decor and tacky, cheesy decor. I like my home to be rustic with classic elements. But I don’t like bright colors, cheesy phrases, cheap looking objects. It’s all about curation, taste, and quality. The price is not always a direct way to tell quality or taste. I buy most of my things from regular shops like Target, antique stores, Home Goods, etc. But you need a fine comb to get the right things. But of course, The right things for your taste, it doesn’t have to be mine.

With that said, my taste is: rustic, classic, country, vintage, new england mixed with english cottage. So I like neutral colors, texture and natural finishings.

Bruna Mebs Fall 2018 Home Decor -5896.jpg

Every season, I tend to only change the decor, the furniture remains the same. For fall, I bring in warmer tones and take away the cool ones. I'm mostly talking about blankets, pillows, plants, etc.

Bruna Mebs Fall 2018 Home Decor -5893.jpg

I also love to shop for special items every year, it’s all about the curation, it wouldn’t be as fun to get everything at once. So I take my time, I browse every year patiently, waiting for the right items to show up.

What I got this year:

  • new dish towels - the ones from last year got stained

  • casserole dish - I don’t have any around this size.

  • thankful sign - the only work I like to use around this time - super classic in marble and wood

  • fresh pumpkins - i like the white ones for indoors, cleaner, and love the mini real ones, so cute

  • a mug - mugs are the only place I like to see phrases, but I don’t actually have that many with words either. Who doesn’t love a good mug?

My favorite stores to get this kind of decor are: Target, Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Antique shops.

And here are a bunch of videos I have posted on Youtube about decorating for fall.

Thanks for reading.