Art Studio Update

E very year I find myself aching for a change, especially in my studio, where I spend the majority of my time. This time was no different, before I knew it I was searching for ideas on Pinterest. But as usual the change was not just about aesthetics, there was a reason behind it.

I was in need of a separate table, where I can spread my stuff out, pack orders, cut paper, film videos, etc. Having a desk together with my painting table was just not working anymore. And it needed to be round. I had two rectangular desks from Ikea and I tried all the layouts but a round table would save a lot space in the room.

So this was the main thing, I needed to get a new table and sell the one I would be replacing. I would keep one of the tables to use as my painting table and the new round table would be for all else.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the previous layout, but you can see in this photo how the tables were put together in a L shape. This was the latest layout.


I have also filmed previous studio updates where you can see the Ikea tables in different layouts.

I looked everywhere for a round table, but it was hard to find one where the surface was good to draw and write. Wooden ones wouldn’t work for that reason, the surface wasn’t even enough. Ikea had a good option but my entire studio had started to look like an Ikea shop.

So after browsing for a couple days I felt in love with this marble one sold in a few places online. When you know you know. I debated if the price was worth but when it’s for the business it’s a little easier to justify. It’s also an amazing table I know I’m going to keep forever. So I bought it.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.27.14 AM.png

The second task was to bring back my books and style them in a functional yet pleasing way. I just needed them close to me, instead of in the basement where they were before.

Here are a few ideas on book styling, I spent a lot of time researching but settled on categorizing by alphabetical order.

And here is an updated photo of the studio for you to see how it looks right now.


I’m going to wait until is fully done to show how the entire room looks. There is still one final mission, find a rug. I’m not sure about the size or color yet but here are a few ideas from Pottery Barn. Now I just need to find a similar one on sale. More soon!

For more ideas, see my Artist’s Studio Pinterest Board and Home Office Pinterest Board.

Thanks for reading.