How I stay organized

I posted a few days ago a video showing you guys how I stay organized, I don’t have anything new to add, this is just a summary for those who asked.

The main parts of my method are:

  1. Goals (what life is about)

    . Personal Growth: Health (Physical and Mental); Learning (courses, books…) and Self care (beauty, fashion)

    . Enjoyment: fun/ entertainment/ family/ friends

    . Contribution/ Survival: Career, Volunteer, Legacy, Finances

  2. Schedule (what time are you going to do what) and routines

  3. To Do List (you can separate by categories or not), just tasks, not goals

  4. Calendar (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, timed activities, timed tasks, schedule, everything needs to be in your calendar so you know what to do everyday at all times)


My Drawing Board Apple Macbook Pro Printer Epson Perfection V550 Scanner Drawers Drawers Glass Board Notebook Book Essentialism Ikea Glass Board (can’t find Ikea’s link but here is a similar one ) Marble Table

Minimalist Makeup Collection

A few days ago I posted on my youtube channel this video showing you my minimalist makeup collection. I love having a small selection of products that I love and use. I don’t care about the number of items, only if I love and use them often. Just the essentials.

With that being said, there are a few items I would like to add to my collection, here they are:

I’m just not the biggest fan of the highlighter I currently have. Would love this beautiful palette.

It’s time I add some red lipstick to my collection.

I’m not happy with the brushes I have when it comes to applying bronzer, so here is a good one.

Thanks for reading.


The Perfect Sunglasses

M y birthday is coming up and it’s tradition that I get myself (or ask as a gift) something that I have been wanting for a while but don’t actually have a need (a.k.a. can live without). This year I decided it’s time to replace my old but still great Ray-Ban and find a new pair of sunglasses that suits me better.

I love large sunglasses, they are a classic statement piece that can make a look instantly. Since my Ray-Ban is a tortoise print, I think the new one should be black, to change it up a bit.

Here are my favorites:

I think I’m leaning towards #4, what do you think? Let me know on Instagram :)

Thanks for reading!