Bruna Mebs it's a design & lifestyle brand founded by the artist Bruna Mebs with the intention to bring a classic charm to your everyday. All of our designs originate from hand-drawn art pieces that were created using traditional techniques to withstand the test of time. 




     Bruna Mebs is a Brazilian artist and entrepreneur. She has spent the past few years working with creative people from all over the US and became best known for her ink drawings. Bruna has recently illustrated and published her first coloring book The Olympic Games Coloring Book. Bruna has illustrated for a variety of clients including FabFitFun, Farmhouse Inns, Jord, Leota NY and Meredith Banzhoff. Her artwork has also been featured on many blogs including The Skinny Confidential, KERF, About Abby, The House of Hood, Friend For The Ride and Dreams In Spanglish. After spending some time in NYC and LA, she currently resides in PA with her husband and bulldog Achilles. 


" I find that nothing fulfills me as much as being creative does. The process of being inspired by something and transforming those feelings and ideas into something physical is incredible. I am constantly inspired by historical movies, vintage clothing, medieval tales and old books. My work represents my lifestyle and the classic aesthetic that I love. Sharing my work is sharing my passions and I think it's what life is all about. I am very grateful to be able to do what I love everyday."
― Bruna Mebs