Born in Brazil, former costume designer with a degree from FIT, now full time illustrator, Bruna Mebs has spent the past few years working with creative people all over the US. She is is best known for her watercolor paintings, ink drawings and pencil sketches. She has recently illustrated and published her first coloring book The Olympic Games Coloring book. Bruna also writes a blog about her work, life, inspirations and health habits. In addition to Instagram, you can now find her work on Youtube where she shows behind the scenes and time lapse videos of her illustrations. After spending some time in NYC and LA, she currently resides in PA with her husband and bulldog Achilles. 


I love using traditional media like watercolor and ink, but occasionally I have fun with photoshop and illustrator. My work ranges from food, animal, fashion, costume, beauty and botanical illustrations to portraits, all to be used in editorials, advertising, books and products. I enjoy collaborating with brands and art directors to bring projects to life. I am open for commissioned work and also have pre-existing illustrations available for licensing. You can buy originals, prints of my illustrations and other products at my online shop or Etsy page


Independent if I am creating a costume for film or an illustration for a magazine, I find that nothing else fulfills me as much as being creative does. The process of being inspired by something and transforming those feelings and ideas into something physical is incredible. I am constantly inspired by historical movies, vintage clothing, medieval tales and old books. Sharing my work is sharing my passions and I think it's what life is all about. I am very grateful to be able to do what I love everyday.

“Nevertheless we are free individuals, and this freedom condemns us to make choices throughout our lives. There are no eternal values or norms we can adhere to, which makes our choices even more significant. Because we are totally responsible for everything we do. Sartre emphasized that man must never disclaim the responsibility for his actions. Nor can we avoid the responsibility of making our own choices on the grounds that we "must" go to work, or we "must" live up to certain middle-class expectations regarding how we should live. Those who thus slip into the anonymous masses will never be other than members of the impersonal flock, having fled from themselves into self-deception. On the other hand our freedom obliges us to make something of ourselves, to live "authentically" or "truly".” 
― Jostein GaarderSophie's World



I was born in Brazil surrounded by talented parents and grandparents, whom taught me since I was little how wonderful it is to be creative. My grandma Carli Moore played a huge part in this, putting a brush in my hands as soon as I stepped in the front door. Going to see grandma was never dull, from sewing projects to collages, my days there were always inspiring. 

When it was time to choose my major in college I was divided by my passion for history, art and clothes. So I decided to merge them all and study fashion design leading later to costume design. Once attending SENAI CETIQT in Rio de Janeiro I was able to attend seminars about visual identity, the art of weaving and tailoring and many courses in photoshop, fashion drawing and wardrobe for Carnaval and TV.

While attending college...

I met my husband on a trip to the US when I was 18 and to the surprise of our family and friends we got married a year later. I moved to the US in 2009 and continued my studies in fashion design at FIT in NYC. Right after school I spent my years between NYC and Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry as a costume designer for film, tv and theater. I am lucky to have worked with amazing directors, producers, actors and actresses. I designed everything from horror, action, sci-fi, romance to period films. During this time I also styled for modeling agencies, photographers and private clients. 

And not that I don't love designing costumes anymore, but I started to miss my artwork. The fast pace of the entertainment industry doesn't allow for much else so I hit the stop button. 

I'm currently dedicating 100% of my time to my illustrations.

If you would like to see some of my past work as a costume designer click here.  Click here for my IMDB page.

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