What school did you go to?  I went to Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC. I also attended Senai Cetiqt in Rio de Janeiro. Both times majoring in fashion design. 

Do you like working from home? After spending years living out of suitcases, sleeping in hotels (shoot locations) and commuting to the city I have found happiness, working from home. Being able to stay close to my family is everything!

Did you live in NYC and LA? Yes. Honestly I didn't enjoy NYC very much. It's too chaotic and the lack of nature bothered me too much. On the other hand, I would go back to LA any day.

How did you create your website? I use Squarespace, which makes everything very easy.

Any tips for anyone starting a blog? I have had many blogs in my life and my biggest tip is: stick to one blog and even if you take breaks from it, don't ever delete it. I have deleted so many blogs and I wish I could go back and read all of those posts I wrote when I was 15.

How long does it take for you to create an illustration? It really depends but on average 3-5 hours.

What is your typical day like? On a perfect day I wake up early and go exercise, if I leave it for the end of the day, it rarely happens. When I'm back home, I eat breakfast while going through my social media channels. I try to take a few minutes to meditate too. After I shower and get ready for my day I head to my home office and work straight untill noon. I break for a half hour for lunch and head back to the office. I usually stop working around 6pm. That's when I cook, walk Achilles, read books, watch Tv...

What's your advice for someone that wants to learn/get better at drawing and painting? Drawing and painting is a skill that you learn as you practice. I definitely struggled when I started but because I loved it I kept doing it. I still have so much to improve but it's great to know that practice can get me there. 

General Professional questions

Why did you stop working as a costume designer? It's not that I don't love designing costumes anymore, but I started to miss my artwork. The fast pace of the entertainment industry doesn't allow for much else so I hit the stop button to focus on my illustrations.

What films have you worked on? You can check my IMDB here.

Costume vs Illustration


You can see and buy all of my favorite supplies on the FAVORITES section of my online shop.

I also talk about them on my Youtube Channel. 

CAMERA, EDITING apps & programs

What kind of camera do you use? I use a Canon G7X Mark II Powershot.

What apps and programs do you use to edit your photos? I use VSCO app on my iPhone and Photoshop on my Mac.

Advertising, featuring & reviewing a product

Do you get paid to feature or review products? Sometimes. I only do if I believe in the product, if I would use it myself and if doesn't compromise my values. 

Can you feature my product or project? I would love to, send me an email with the info. Please keep in mind that I'm staying away from companies that test on animals and that are not vegan. I would also love to share products that are environmentally friendly.


Where do you live? I currently live in PA.

Are you married? For how long? Yes. We got married in 2008.

Are you Brazilian? Yep, from Rio de Janeiro.

Where does your name come from? Bruna is a very common name in Brazil and very popular for my generation. 

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Why? In the end of 2017 I became 100% vegan. I just love animals too much to justify sacrificing them for my own selfish pleasure.