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Work from home Q&A

Work from home Q&A

1. What is the best thing about working from home?

Be with my dog. It always broke my heart to leave him alone all day. If it wasn't for him I would probably rent a studio space.

2. And the worst thing?

Be disciplined. Working from home can be very distracting, and unless you have a lot of discipline, you can get lazy.

3. Your best tip for people to stay focused

Create specific times to do work and to lounge. Stick to those times.

4. How to not get distracted with other people that are in the house?

Close your office door and let everyone know that until you are done, you are not available.

5. How to not eat snacks all day?

Keep your eating habits to a schedule, have a breakfast break, a lunch break, a coffee break. Do not eat every time you feel a little hungry. Have water near by.

6. Do you wake up at the same time everyday?

I try to. But If I'm too stressed or too tired I will allow myself an extra hour of sleep. Working from home has it's perks :)


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