My favorite sophisticated vegan bags!

When people hear about vegan bags most of the time they make a weird face. They imagine some hippie bag made out of hemp. But this is not always the case. I strongly believe you don't need to sacrifice animals to look good. I mean, I don't even understand how is that justified. Maybe you justify killing animals for food source but how can you do it for the simple pleasure of carrying a bag? Well, I'm not here today to tell you why you shouldn't eat animals or kill them in general. I'm here to show you that vegan bags can be just as stylish and maybe inspire you to make a different choice next time you buy a bag. 

One of my favorite brands of vegan bags is BP., Nordstrom carry them. They look so sophisticated and have that minimalistic look I love. They remind me of Madewell bags. 

But my favorite brand is Matt & Nat . Their bags are absolutely stunning and the quality is amazing. I'm always in awe by their new styles. If you haven't heard of them, check them out! They also have shoes.