Artist Crush- Malika Favre

I'm sure you have heard of her work already but if not you are definitely missing out. Malika Favre has become one of my favorite illustrators. Her work is the perfect example of how important and relevant illustrations still are. It's also an example that artwork can be modern and classic at the same time, cohesive and original, creative and still translate a message. It's pretty much what every illustrator strives for. And I'm no different. I have started taking my illustrations seriously as a business just a few months ago, but I can see where it needs to be. I'm very far from it, from having an unique individual style that I am proud of but I know the way to develop it is to keep on working hard. Here are some of her work, enjoy!

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If you like to read an interview with Malika about her process check this one that BigCartel has on their blog.