What you need to start painting with watercolor


I don't think you need to spend a lot money when buying paint but I also think by mixing them you can get so many colors, you may only need to purchase a few. I really like Winsor & Newton.

Or you can try some other brands like Blick's own kind


A palette is something that many people think they need right away but it's hard to choose which one. Well, I still don't have one. I started using an old dinner plate and never felt the need to upgrade. But If I ever do get one, I think it's going to be this one below.


Well, you obviously will need paper. And a lot of people will disagree with me but I don't think you should settle for the student kind. Yeah, it will be much cheaper, but it will not hold the color and water the same. If you want to learn, you need to learn with the proper paper or you will never guess why your painting is not looking good. If you need to invest in something, paper is the number 1. I love Arches!!!!

Or you can try using a sketchbook.


Brushes are a sensitve subject. You can never have enough but you don't need more than a few. Keep them dry and clean and they will last you a long time. I like the Cotman series from Winsor and Newton. But I'm sure there are a lot of good ones out there. I just recommend staying away from natural animal hair because I'm against using products as much as possible. 

Paper Towel

Your painting best friend.


Or brush tub if you want to be fancy.

A subject

What you are going to paint makes a huge difference. I think animals and plants are much easier than people and objects. Start with something you love and practice the same category for a while before moving on to other things. If you try painting a portrait, then a bird, then a flower,... you will never be able to compare your progress, they are too different. 


There are a lot of books and youtube videos on how to paint with watercolor. Go watch them and get inspired! Then let go of any expectation and have fun.