New Year, New Hair

Sometimes you obsess with your hair color, sometimes the hair length, sometimes both. I think I hit both. Last year I decided to cut my hair really short. But because my regular go to hair salon was really busy at the time I went to cut in a different salon. I can only describe with one word: disaster. Many people that know me don't even know this because I just kept my hair up for months. Now that it has finally grown to my shoulders I’m starting to feel happy again when I hear the word hair. I don’t think that it is long enough to do much with it, the longest part past the shoulders but the shortest it is still by jaw line. I have an appointment to go in two weeks, yay! I have been thinking what I’m going to ask my stylist to do, but still not sure about the cut. I'm going to keep the color pretty close to my natural color, to minimize the damage I have done to my hair in the past. Here are a few inspirations from my Pinterest board.